Alternative Drills Collegium Caidis 2016 (28:00)

Class Title
Alternative Drills Collegium Caidis 2016 (28:00)
Class Description

Sir Ilian Aleksandrovich teaches Alternative Drills at Collegium Caidis 2016. All things considered I think this was a very interesting class that did exactly what the title suggested. The class offered alternative Drills that did not rely on a pell or any fancy tools or devices instead working with what you had on hand. The most used items were: a yard stick, a water bottle, a string, a fence, a gap between the fence and a bell. No armour, no swords or shields, just what was at hand so you can work while watching TV, waiting to pick up a kid from school or a soccer practice, waiting for a computer program (or game) to load.

Taught by
Sir Ilian Aleksandrovich
Martial Arts - Heavy Weapons
Interdisciplinary College

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Recording of the StagsCon A.S. LV class given by the Dean and Regents of the ROIU.

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