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As you may have seen, ROIU is going through some changes in order to be able to better respond to current trends within the Kingdom as well as Society wide.  One of the major changes is the migration of the University and all data from private to Kingdom servers.  This change is necessary but will also allow for better service in the long run.  It is our hope that you as students and alumni of the University will find that the coming changes will make it easier to use as well as create an incredible resource for the spread of knowledge throughout our Kingdom and beyond.


Moving forward, however, comes with a price.  Transferring to the new server means that the user data needs to be repopulated from the old system.  As part of this process, Lyssa sent to you your university records, which need to be added to the new system.  In order to do so, we ask that each of you visit the new ROIU page at https://www.roiu.outlands.org/a/ and register yourselves there.  within the registration form there is a place to upload your documentation, which will in turn be added to your new record.  The new registration form is fast and easy to use.


We the new University board are working to make your University experience as user-friendly as possible and we are alwyas available to hear your comments, ideas, and concerns.  Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours in Service,


Mua'llim (Master) Hassan al Tariq ibn Yusuf ibn Askari, al Ghassani, al Jibayli,

Dean, Royal Outlands Interkingdom University

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2 years 2 months
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Marion Forester

Real name
Marion Forester
Mundane Name

Lisa Adams

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Lots of opportunities to take heraldic and scribal classes!  The Mid-Year Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium is coming up January 22-24.  All classes are online.  They now have class descriptions in addition to a schedule.  Check it out here: https://sites.google.com/view/midyearkwhss2021/schedule?authuser=0

Introduction to the ROIU

Recording of the StagsCon A.S. LV class given by the Dean and Regents of the ROIU.

The Virtual Class Listing is located HERE