Caid Interviews for SCA 50 Year

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Caid Interviews for SCA 50 Year

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For SCA 50 year the kingdom of CAID set about creating a 10 min video to play at the event. To do this interviews were taken at a number of events thought the kingdom. After the 10 min video was complete a number of other videos were created based on specific topics: Kingdom of CAID - SCA 50 Year Celebration Interviews, What makes CAID special for you, The Crowns of CAID, CAID Rebellions, London Bridge War, Equality (same sex barons or baronesses), Now get Dressed, Fighter Poems (each and every crown tournament has been documented in poetry), Weapon History, How Pole Arms Changed Early CAID, Armour History, Brotherhood of the Blade, Early Archery in CAID, Early Seige in CAID. It was a great joy to travel and document these interviews and then collect the different stories into videos holding just a part of the history of the great Kingdom of CAID. YIS Batu Mongo

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Batu Mongo


SCA Studies - SCA History and Interkingdom Anthropology

Interdisciplinary College


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