Introduction to Rectangular Construction

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Introduction to Rectangular Construction
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This class will be an overview of basic rectangular construction for either a dress or tunic. Rectangular constructed garments are an excellent place to start on your garb journey and can be adapted to fit the style of many times and places in early period, for example Norse “Viking” garb. The class will include a handout with cutting and assembly instructions as well as a pattern generator that generates pattern piece dimensions based on your measurements. There will be a walkthrough of the pattern assembly, with a special focus on the trickier bits such as neckline facings and how to sew an underarm gusset. This class is appropriate for beginners of all ages with at least a basic understanding of sewing a seam and how to measure. One Hour. Beginner and Intermediate Skill Levels

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Kitta Refr
The West Kingdom
Arts and Sciences - Fiber Arts
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Online or In person

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