Stage Fright 101

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Stage Fright 101
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So you want to be a bard? Great! But you're not so good at public speaking. You step in front of an audience and suddenly you're terrified. You open your mouth, and nothing comes out. Stage fright is something that can still plague even the most seasoned performer. I have been performing in one way or another since I was a little boy, and even stepping up to recite a simple poem I still feel my knees turn to jelly. Thankfully, I've learned some techniques over the years that range from the silly to the serious to help me with stage fright. This class will go over some of them, and we'll discuss other potential techniques and ideas.

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Hardwin Godricson
Local Group
Arts and Sciences - Bardic Arts
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Online or In person

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Recording of the StagsCon A.S. LV class given by the Dean and Regents of the ROIU.

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