Getting Started with the ROIU!

By Timothy O'Brien | Wed, 01/31/2024 - 11:02

Welcome to Getting Started with the Royal Outlands Interkingdom University (ROIU)! 

About the ROIU:  The Royal Outlands Interkingdom University (ROIU) is simply a way for us to encourage people to teach and to attend classes in different aspects of the SCA.  

  • How it works:
    • Your side: Register (sign up) one time.  Then whenever you take or teach a class, fill out a simple form with the information for each class.  It all happens on the website.
    • Our side: We support and help organize classes, both in-person and online, in a wide variety of areas for you to enjoy!  We also have a system of Degrees in different areas of study which come with nifty diplomas and badges to display, if you choose to participate.  
  • How to register
    • Just fill out our registration form here
  • How to report a class that you took or taught - Make sure you're logged in to the site first! 
  • What kind of classes "count"?
    • You can enter classes you've taken or taught in the past 6 months (before you registered), and those you take or teach any time after registering.
    • Anything taught at any SCA event (in any Kingdom), including "virtual" events, is automatically pre-approved.  
    • Anything (online) that comes from another Kingdom's University is pre-approved.
    • Anything on our list of Virtual Classes is pre-approved.
  • Questions
    • Do I register my class with the ROIU before I take it or teach it?  Nope!  You just fill out the form after it's done. 
    • Do I have to present "proof" of any kind that I took or taught the class?   Nope! The entire system is on-your-honor, like most of the SCA.   
    • Why do I get occasional errors and strange behavior on the ROIU website?  Unfortunately, the website is built on some very old technology... we're working hard to get it updated as soon as possible!