Welcome to the ROIU!

Welcome to the Royal Outlands Interkingdom University!

The purpose of the Royal Outlands Interkingdom University is to promote the teaching and attending of formal classes within the Kingdom of the Outlands and elsewhere. By our Charter, we are called upon to be an "organization of learning" that encourages all "to share in the growth and enrichment of knowledge... that they and the fruits of their scholarly pursuits may flourish and benefit us all."

Our hope is that the ROIU will be a fun addition to all the exciting things the Outlands and the SCA has to offer. We're glad you could join us.

GETTING STARTED WITH THE ROIU!! - New Article - Click here!  (February 2024)

NEW - Printable Enrollment, Student Documentation, and Teacher Documentation forms are now available!  Follow this link, or click "ROIU Documents" under the "Administration" menu at the top of the page! 

NEW - THE ROIU AND ONLINE CLASSESWhat counts as an online class for ROIU credit?  When does something need "pre-approval"?  Mostly things are already approved!  Please see this article or the corresponding Facebook/Discord posts for more info.  Click here! 


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