The ROIU and Online Classes

Greetings, Teachers & Learners!

We have just recently approved over 35 new titles for online classes that had been submitted to the Regents for approval. However, most of these didn't even require any kind of approval!

What counts as an online class?

In the ROIU, an "online class" or "virtual class" is any class you take without being physical present, in the room with the teacher. There are basically two varieties: classes taken which are taught LIVE online, like at a Virtual Event (such as the recent Virtual Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium); and classes which are pre-recorded (this is usually a YouTube video).

When you are acting as the Teacher and you teach a class of type #1 at an online event, if it is of the "pre-approved" variety (see below), you can simply fill out the Teacher Documentation Form on the ROIU website and record the class you taught.

If you are acting as the Teacher and you create a YouTube video, if it is of the "pre-approved" variety, you do the same.

If you are acting as the Student and watch either a live online class, or a pre-recorded class (like a YouTube video), if it's "pre-approved," you just fill out the Student Documentation Form on the ROIU website and record the class for credit.

Now, what is "pre-approved?" ANY class which meets any of the following criteria is pre-approved for the ROIU, and you don't have to do anything special beyond fill out the Teacher Documentation Form or Student Documentation Form:

  1. Any class taught at an official SCA event or function (including virtual events), to include published gatherings such as fighter practices, guild meetings, populace gatherings, etc. The event or function must be published (Social Media counts!) at least 48 hours before it happens and generally open to people who are interested (within reason-- if there's not space for more than 10 people around the forge at your smithing class, that's ok). So if it's a class at an SCA event or regular/official gathering, that works.

  2. Any class sponsored by, hosted by, or bearing the endorsement of an SCA Office (e.g. "official" classes, including videos, from the Society X, or the Kingdom Y, etc.

  3. Any class sponsored by, hosted by, or bearing the endorsement of the "official" University of ANY Kingdom-- The Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM); the Universities of Artemisia, Atlantia, Drachenwald, and all other kingdoms of the SCA. (I know there are more out there!)

  4. Any class listed on the ROIU website under the Virtual Classes link (under "Scholars") has been vetted and pre-approved. (Please note: we are in the process of removing and repairing some broken links in this section!)

So what isn't preapproved? On the ROIU website, under "Scholars," there is a Virtual Class Recommendation Form. What is this form for?

This form is for non-SCA online classes or videos which don't fall into one of the pre-approved categories above, but which you think are serious and academic and should be available to count for ROIU credit. There are a lot of great documentaries online! If you come across something that you think should be counted, use this form to submit it to the ROIU Board of Regents. We will review it as soon as possible and, if it fits our expectations, we will add it to the "Virtual Classes" list on the ROIU website. Classes should be about 45-60 minutes in length, and obviously should cover some period subject(s). Please be sure to include as much information as you can about the class, and please recommend which College(s) and Division(s) this class should go in (up to two)-- e.g. "Arts & Sciences - Fiber Arts" and "History - 1400 - 1500."

Please feel free to reach out to us at, or via Social Media, with any questions! Thank you, and happy learning!


The Dean and Regents of the ROIU

Last updated 2/10/2024