Regents and Administration

Regents and Administration

Applicants for Board membership must submit a request for consideration to the Board. This request must include SCA and mundane names, contact information, and a statement that the applicant has read and understands the Handbook and FAQ. It may also include reasons for wanting to serve, qualifications for Board membership, and a description of past services to the SCA or other organizations.  Please send your letter/application to the Board of Regents at:  

Dean of the University

Master Timothy O'Brien, OP
Barony of Dragonsspine

Email the University Staff here:



Board of Regents

Mistress Halla in kristna OL, OP
Shire of Windkeep
The Honorable Lord Frösti Grímarsson
Barony of al-Barran


Baroness Katherina von Lehman

Barony of Caer Galen

The Honorable Lady Elizabeth Bakere

Barony of Aarquelle